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kait's desire to connect with the truth and beauty of the world we live in has expanded into the art of photography. drawn to capturing the energy and catharsis of live events, they have begun to pursue performance photography. whether shooting theater productions, concerts, or dance performances, kait's work reflects the magic of the human experience. below is a sampling of their recent photography work.

plot points in our
sexual development

by miranda rose hall

march 2023

directed by kaitlyn herrick

assistant directed by kees hoekendijk

lighting designed by greyson reed and brogan nelson


a brief history of
helen of troy

by mark schultz

november 2022

directed by nora hurley

lighting designed by meghan hoey

the crucible

by mark schultz

november 2022

directed by jacob conley

assistant directed by maeve reilly

lighting designed by olivia monarch


dinner for the
end of the world

by miranda rose hall

april 2023

directed by melissa aliotta

lighting designed by meghan hoey


hurry home: 
a collaborative
performative experience

december 2022

directed by sierra lancaster

assistant directed by kate froemmling 


the convent

by jessica dickey

march 2023

directed by maeve reilly

assistant directed by sophie golay

lighting designed by trisha soo


gaga cabaret

created by luke sabracos and josephine glass

april 2023

directed by luke sabracos and josephine glass

choreographed by jaden martinez and ian viciedo

lighting designed by brooke webster

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